Meet Our Team

At Nix Companies we believe our people are the best and most authentic competitive advantage we have. This doesn’t happen by accident. We work very hard to attract, train, and retain some of the best people in our industry. We adhere to the model that experience is always secondary to character, and utilize our in house training program to give our team members the skills they need to perform their specific roll requirements. “One of my favorite things about giving customers a tour of our facility is the absolutely obvious level of quality and professionalism with our staff. If our customers have been in any other shops, there’s no mistaking our advantage. I take great pride in this, I believe our people do too, and I’m certain it shows in the quality of our work and customer service.” … Matthew Nix

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Nix Coatings Team

Brian Merkley
Vice President of Operations

Brian Merkley joined our organization in 2013 as the first General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Coatings. Brian has a degree from Indiana State University in Construction Management, and prior work experience in operations management. His excellent "boots on the ground" leadership style and problem solving skills have earned him high regard with his team members and a track record for results. Today, Brian leads the entire Coatings Group (Field Coatings and Shop Coatings) as the Vice President of Operations as well as leads our Maintenance Program for the entire company. From leading his team, to scheduling, to maintenance, Brian keeps our facilities running, our customers happy, and our reputation soundly growing.




Adam Adler
Operations Manager - Field Coatings 

Adam Adler joined Nix in January of 2020.  He graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a B.S. in Management and has spent the majority of his professional career in the industrial coatings industry consulting, estimating, and project managing.  He is also a NACE II certified coatings inspector. Adam's years of coatings experience will help in providing solutions to Nix's clients. 





Tyler Greathouse
Business Manager - Field Coatings 

Tyler joined the Nix team in 2017 to lead our expanded mobile coatings division.  Tyler has over nine years of experience in mobile coatings including surface preparation, liquid coatings, spray foam insulation, and plural component systems.  This expanded knowledge and experience will allow him to provide customers with solutions that will exceed all expectations.  Tyler will be pushing the Nix mobile coatings team forward to new opportunities and continuing the growth path that has already been established.  





Jeremy Will
Operations Manager-Shop Coatings

Jeremy joined the Nix Coatings team in 2017 as the operations manager.  He has years of experience in manufacturing and industrial environments that met the needs of our customers.  His hard working mentality and a demand for quality results keep our coatings operations running efficient and smooth.  Jeremy's ability to work well with people keeps customers coming back and to develop great relationships with new customers.  Jeremy now leads a crew in field services as a site superintendent.  




John Dike
Production Coordinator -Shop Coatings

John Dike joined the team at Nix Coatings in February of 2013.  John started out in the sandblasting department preparing metal for both liquid coatings and powder coating.  Through John's personal dedication and pursuit for knowledge, he quickly learned the skills of powder coating.  John then went on to lead the coatings team in the shop as the coatings shop foreman.  John is now the production coordinator for the coatings facility.  John has been a great contributor to the team and continues to look for ways to improve himself and his team.


Jason Offerman
Field Coatings Foreman

Jason Offerman joined the Nix team in the spring of 2012. Jason started out painting for Nix Metals on the side before Nix Coatings came into existence. When Nix Coatings was launched, Jason was the man for the job to head our paint division. Jason is a dedicated employee and hard worker. Jason was promoted to the role of Mobile Coatings Foreman in January 2018. We are excited to see him lead the mobile crew by his example and experiences over the last few years.






Bo Carmen
Field Coatings Foreman

Bo joined Nix in April of 2019.  He has 19 years of experience within the painting industry.  He has great experience in leading teams in the field who are responsible for blasting and painting water towers, barges, water treatment plants, pipelines, storage tanks, oil refineries and more.  He has experience in quality control and reporting. Bo’s experience will be excellent in leading teams in the field coatings division.