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Sandblasting Services FAQ's

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What geographical areas do you service? 
We have a large booth at our plant in Poseyville, IN where we service customers from across the Midwest including large production projects.   We also provide mobile sandblasting services across Southern Indiana , Western Kentucky, and Southern IL. 

What's the difference between Media blasting and sand blasting?
Sandblasting is the generic or common term which often used to describe the field of abrasive blasting.   Sandblasting get's it's name from the abrasive material used to strip machinery and metal which in the past was most commonly sand.   As the industry has evolved other media blasting material has been introduced.  Other medias used for abrasive blasting include coconut shells, glass bead blasting, soda blasting and walnut shell blasting to name a few.   Each media has a specific purpose depending on the project.   Materials such as soda break apart on impact and are much gentler then sand on a project.  The team at NIX Coatings has years of experience in abrasive blasting and can help you determine which media is right for your project.

Do you provide sandblasting services to residential or walk in visitors?
Yes, we commonly blast small parts for walk in customers. We can blast almost anything you want to clean up, including patio furniture, ATV and Racing parts, as well as car parts that are being restored.  

What is the largest item you can sandblast?
Our 52' x 25' x 16' sandblasting booth allows us to blast one large item or many smaller ones very efficiently.   For items to big to fit in the booth our mobile sandblasting service can any size item from a ship to a large piece of construction equipment.

How long after blasting should I wait before finish coating my products?
This depends on some variables like humidity and material alloy. As a rule of thumb we like to get coatings on a parts that are blasted in the same business day or no longer than the following. For scenarios requiring longer wait between blasting and coating, we can apply a chemical called "hold tight" to extend the time frame before surface rust begins to form. 

Do you have to coat the parts or will you just blast them?
We are happy to just blast your parts and allow you to coat them yourself. However you will want to be mindful of the time frame you leave the blasted part exposed to the air. See question above. 

What's your media of choice for blasting?
We use various different medias including coal slag, Garnit, and Starbright.  

Do you recycle your blast material?  
When products are blasted in our booth, we have the ability to reclaim our media and switch media material and sizes, making our system even more efficient and cost effective. 

How does sandblasting work?

Sandblasting uses a several pieces of equipment including a blast pot, air source, hose and gun.   During the process, blasting media is rapidly shot from the pot through the gun and onto the material that needs to be cleaned.    The small bits of media hitting the metal at a rapid speed remove any coatings or contaminates leaving the item completely stripped and ready for a finish coat.  

Will Media blasting damage my products?
If done improperly media blasting can damage your products.   The experts at NIX coatings will work with you to ensure that not only is the right media used but the work is preformed by a highly trained and skilled craftsman.    

Can you strip wood with your services?
Wood can be stripped but this requires special media choices and equipment. We would likely utilize our portable water vapor blaster for this solution. This machine use mostly high pressure water, with a very small amount of media.  

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Nix Coatings provides both in-house sand blasting services at our plant location in Poseyville, Indiana and portable sand blasting services to Southern Indiana and Northwestern Kentucky including the cities of Evansville, Indiana,  Henderson Kentucky and Owensboro, Kentucky.   We've even gone as far as Indianapolis Indiana with our mobile sandblasting services.   If you have a project you would like to discuss contact us today or click on the request a quote button above.   

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