Sandblasted semi trailer chassis

Sandblasting Services From Nix Coatings

Proper surface preparation is the most important part of any coating. The end results can only be as good as the surface it is applied to. Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface to which the powder coating can adhere. Sandblasting also increases the adhesion and durability of the finish.

Our 52' x 20' x 16' sandblasting booth allows us to blast one large item or many smaller ones very efficiently. We have the ability to reclaim our media and switch media material and sizes, making our system even more efficient. All of these things, translates to better value for the customer.

Nix Coatings provides mobile and in house sandblasting services.  Click on the links below to browse our most commonly served industries, including:

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Nix Coatings provides both in-house sand blasting services at our plant location in Poseyville, Indiana and portable sand blasting services to Southern Indiana and Northwestern Kentucky including the cities of Evansville, Indiana,  Henderson Kentucky and Owensboro, Kentucky.   We've even gone as far as Indianapolis Indiana with our mobile sandblasting services.   If you have a project you would like to discuss contact us today or click on the request a quote button above.   To learn more about media blasting check out our sandblasting FAQ's page as well.

Click on the images below to view some of the recently completed Sandblasting projects from NIX Coatings.